Meme Green  

Turning Pain Into Purpose

Meme Green


Motivational Speaker defied the odds of her neighborhood. Born and raised in the gritty streets of the Eastside of Detroit, MI. Meme overcame the obstacles of being fatherless, child of an incarcerated parent, and victim of sexual abuse. Meme is a highly renowned best-selling author who holds recognition such as "Author's Hall of Fame" and "Indie Legacy Trailblazer Author of the Year Nominee". Meme's passion for helping women "turn their pain into purpose" gave birth to her publishing company to help women rewrite their stories. 

"Your Biggest Pain will usher you to your greatest purpose."-Meme Green 


Literary Coach

Are you ready to write your testimony? Meme Green will work with you to turn your pain into purpose. 

Motivational Speaker

Meme Green is a well known keynote speaker with a life changing message. 


Meme Green provides writing workshops and Minority Mental Health Workshop 

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You know those moments when you give someone words of wisdom only to realize they were meant for you, too? This book is packed with inspirational words of wisdom you can use to encourage yourself in those times when you momentarily forget how awesome, amazing, and blessed you really are. You always encourage it's time for you to encourage yourself!