Meme Green  


Beauty From Ashes

Detroit Raised Me, God Saved Me

Meme Green was the product of a fatherless home and incarcerated parent. Watch how God pulls her from the fire after being molested, abused and raped. Buy Now! 

Pieces of Me

Every time you have a relationship that person takes a piece of you with them. Follow Meme Green on her journey to regain pieces from the "Married Man", "Control Freak", "Prison Pimp" and "Baggage Carrier". Buy Now!

Confusion to Clarity

A Therapist's Grief 

Shameka "Meme" Green takes you on her journey to battling grief. She's very candid about her experience with grief and her quest to heal. Confusion to Clarity Workbook available now. Buy Now!  


Madelyn Photography

Success Story 

Meme Green was able to turn her pain into purpose. Every book has a purpose. Meme Green was a young girl from the Eastside of Detroit with limited resources. The grace of God positioned her and gave her purpose.  

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